Kiki's Going Out on Maternity and There's a NEW Team in Place!

Some of you already know that I am expecting my second child on February 10th. I am only 2 weeks away from adding more joy and love into my life as well as needing necessary rest. In order to handle the growth of the spa I have invited a few more helping hands to The Little Owl. 

There are 3 new Massage Therapists available on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. I included their bios, specialties and availability on the website. Here is the link:

I have also asked my sister-in-law, Eva, to join the team on her day off. Eva is an expert waxer and is the only person I trust with your hair removal needs. She is extremely clean, friendly, efficient and sensitive to the comfort of others. I am so blessed to have her and she is available on Mondays from 9-3pm. 

I also hired a receptionist named Danielle who will be booking appointments via email and phone as well as greeting you all at the door. She is also studying to be an esthetician and I have taken her under my wing to teach her how to wax and offer great skin care. Once she is licensed and ready,  I know you will enjoy her!

The number 1 criteria I had in hiring these amazing women was kindness. They all are kind, joyful and sweet people. Their energy is contagious and really adds to the spa experience. They understand the importance of service in the spa industry and I’m really proud of them. They are also extremely talented in their trade and I value them immensely. 

I will still be available most of the time to book or adjust appointments so don’t refrain from reaching out via email at You may also call or text me to book or make changes to your services. 

I want to take a moment to share how much I appreciate all your business and loyalty. The spa has been open for over 4 years now and has grown so much in that time. I have opened the spa doors and my heart to over 300 people in 2015 and I look forward to serving even more people in 2016. I get teary eyed thinking of all the friends I've made at The Little Owl. I am confident that you will all feel as wonderful and comfortable with the new team. I would like to keep them busy and happy while I am away so please share The Little Owl Spa with everyone you know. I have also attached a coupon for $15 off a 60 or more minute massage with one of the new therapists. Take advantage of it as it will only last until the end of March. 

Coupon for Massage 012516 copy.jpg

What a Gem!

I just recently received samples from an all natural, organic and aromatic skin care line called, Gem Stone Organics. I was fascinated by them from the start because they claim to add gem stone essence to their products  adding the benefit of   gem stone healing to the skin. They were kind enough to  send me their Rose Quartz and Moonstone cremes. 

What I loved the most about this company was that they share very genuinely and clearly,  how much love and heart goes into making their products. You can tell by the packaging, the literature and the product itself that they are not lying. The creators are truly passionate about their product. They wish to send their love to each client via their skin.  For me, that makes or breaks a skin care line. I firmly believe that when we truly love our skin, it loves us back. I always advice clients that suffer from severe acne or something they truly dislike about their skin, to forgive their skin for it's current flaw and instead treat it extra lovingly. It sounds funny, but it works!  When we see something we dislike, we tend to look at it in anger, frustration and disappointment. We try to scrape it off, pick it off, burn it off and/or over wash it off.  This leaves the skin looking just like how we are feeling: angry. When we love our skin and treat it gently and give the intention of sending it love and understanding during moments where it's misbehaving, it responds back with calming down and looking less inflamed, irritated or broken out. The skin is merely a reflexion of what's happening on the inside. Not only physically  but emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  I believe truly sending out skin love and understanding is the first step to clearer, healthier and happier skin.

It was refreshing to see another company incorporate all aspects of the skin's well being. As it is not proven that gem stones affect the skin,  Their products are 100% organic and contain high quality essential oils and gem stone essences. For more information, visit

If Santa Needs a Facial and Moisturizer, so do YOU!

Santa is always portrayed with rosy cheeks and a pink nose. Why? He's suffering from rosacea caused by the harsh effect of the cold!

The skin is our first line of defense towards the environment and the weather. If we don't care for it delicately and responsibly it can become dry, flaky, red and irritated. Or worse, lead to conditions such as eczema, dermatitis or rosacea

It's important to treat the skin properly during the winter months. Here are some tips and advice to avoid dry and irritated skin this winter. 

1. Don't over dry the skin with cleansers containing strong fragrances or other drying ingredients such as menthol, lavender, camphor and peppermint. A good way to distinguish whether your cleanser is too drying is if your skin feels very tight or taut after you cleanse. The skin should feel cleansed but soft and supple after a balanced cleansing.

2. Don't use toners or astringents containing alcohol or witch hazel. They are both drying. Instead use a toner that is non-frangranced that contains antioxidants like green tea extract and vitamins such as B3, C and E. These are great skin soothers and healers. They improve the skin's natural line of defense.

3. Use a night moisturizer containing soothing extracts like licorice, chamomile and aloe. These will restore a healthy barrier function and also help stimulate collagen.

4. Avoid highly concentrated Retinols or Vit. A treatments. Vit. A or retinol is a great anti-ager and cell communicator but most doctor prescribed creams are highly concentrated and can cause dryness, irritation and flakiness. Use these creams less often during the winter and make sure you are applying a daily SPF during the daytime and treating the skin in the evening with a rich night cream. There are also retinol serums that you can buy in stores that are less harsh and less potent than prescribed retinols. These might be a better option if your skin is showing signs of sensitivity using the prescription creams prescribed by your dermatologist. 

5. Wear a  daily SPF that is 15 or higher EVERYDAY.

6. Once a week or twice a month, treat you skin with an ultra soothing mask that contains Glycerin and Caprilic Triglyceride which repairs the skin from damage. Olive oil is a great and Apricot Kernel oil are great skin soothers as well as evening primrose.

7. Lastly, DON'T USE HARSH SCRUBS! Exfoliating is important but only when it's done properly. We tend to scrub too hard in delicate areas when we use scrubs thinking that we can remove more dirt.  The truth is, that we are breaking our capillary walls near our nose and on our chin when we do this. A safer and more gentle approach would be using a low percentage chemical exfoliant such as salicylic acid for acne prone skin and glycolic for aging, dry skin. Use these exfoliants once a week or once a month if you have sensitive skin.

Receiving a facial every 6-8 weeks during the winter months helps to hydrate the skin, keep it exfoliated and maintain a healthy pore size. 

A great facial to try at The Little Owl Spa is Power Pumpkin and Vit. C Facial. They both will brighten the skin by exfoliating with lactic acid or ascorbic acid and be equally hydrating. 

A product line that I highly recommend to use for ultra dry skin is by Paula's Choice called SKIN RECOVERY. You can purchase through The Little Owl Spa or on and it is extremely affordable and effective in treating winter skin conditions.  You can purchase on

email to book your next facial or request information on product purchasing.



"Thank You" couldn't have come at a better time!

The Little Owl Spa is celebrating it's 3 year anniversary on December 1st.  Celebrating Thanksgiving so closely to the anniversary is very appropriate because I am so thankful for all of you! When The Little Owl Spa first opened, I could not have imagined it to be such a huge success. I had no idea that I would be booked two weeks in advance with new clients and returning clients.  I am humbled by the growth of my spa practice. I am thankful to every person that writes me an email inquiring about scheduling an appointment. I am thankful for every phone call and every text I receive from a loyal client looking to rebook. I am thankful for all the clients that have brought their friends and family members in to share their experience. I am grateful that you trusted me with your loved ones and have shared my work with so many people. I write this with joyful and grateful tears in my eyes. There are no words to express my gratitude for all of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The Little Owl Spa could not be and would not be without you!

Enjoy this coupon as a small token of my appreciation.



The Power of the Pumpkin


I certainly miss the warm summer glow but now that fall is here it's important to heal the skin from the harsh effects of the sun. It's incredible how nature offers us just the thing we need at the perfect time: pumpkin!

It is a fragrant and nostalgic fruit that reminds us of the holidays coming ahead. It belongs to the family of squash, gourds, melon and cucumber. 

As much as it is a delicious treat to eat in pie, cookies and breads, it is beneficial to the skin. 

The color orange is a great signifier that it is high in carotenoids which include alpha-carotene & beta-carotene.  These two pro-vitamins act as a precursor to Vit. A (Retinol) and are incredible anti-oxidants.  They stimulate cell to cell communication and remove destructive free radicals. Yes, it is THAT good! 

Its enzymes act as a sufficient Alpha-Hydrocy Acid (AHA) which promotes cell renewal and acts as an effective lightener, brightener and can even decrease blemishes. It is also rich in copper which does wonders in collagen and elastin production. Pumpkin also features zinc which helps regulate sebum. 

Facials and body treatments containing pumpkin are fabulous in reducing lines, dark spots, blemishes and improving the skin’s texture and overall complexion. 

The Pumpkin Power Facial at The Little Owl Spa includes a deep cleansing of the skin and the application of a pumpkin peel mask that is loaded with powerful enzymes including pumpkin, passion flower, hibiscus flower and fig. It acts as a Alpha-Hydroxy Peel and is meant to brighten the skin tone and improve overall complexion while increasing collagen and elastin production. It will leave your skin feeling refreshed, clean, bright and smooth as pumpkin pie!

If you want to start off your holiday season with a lift, email to book your Pumpkin Power Facial.