If Santa Needs a Facial and Moisturizer, so do YOU!

Santa is always portrayed with rosy cheeks and a pink nose. Why? He's suffering from rosacea caused by the harsh effect of the cold!

The skin is our first line of defense towards the environment and the weather. If we don't care for it delicately and responsibly it can become dry, flaky, red and irritated. Or worse, lead to conditions such as eczema, dermatitis or rosacea

It's important to treat the skin properly during the winter months. Here are some tips and advice to avoid dry and irritated skin this winter. 

1. Don't over dry the skin with cleansers containing strong fragrances or other drying ingredients such as menthol, lavender, camphor and peppermint. A good way to distinguish whether your cleanser is too drying is if your skin feels very tight or taut after you cleanse. The skin should feel cleansed but soft and supple after a balanced cleansing.

2. Don't use toners or astringents containing alcohol or witch hazel. They are both drying. Instead use a toner that is non-frangranced that contains antioxidants like green tea extract and vitamins such as B3, C and E. These are great skin soothers and healers. They improve the skin's natural line of defense.

3. Use a night moisturizer containing soothing extracts like licorice, chamomile and aloe. These will restore a healthy barrier function and also help stimulate collagen.

4. Avoid highly concentrated Retinols or Vit. A treatments. Vit. A or retinol is a great anti-ager and cell communicator but most doctor prescribed creams are highly concentrated and can cause dryness, irritation and flakiness. Use these creams less often during the winter and make sure you are applying a daily SPF during the daytime and treating the skin in the evening with a rich night cream. There are also retinol serums that you can buy in stores that are less harsh and less potent than prescribed retinols. These might be a better option if your skin is showing signs of sensitivity using the prescription creams prescribed by your dermatologist. 

5. Wear a  daily SPF that is 15 or higher EVERYDAY.

6. Once a week or twice a month, treat you skin with an ultra soothing mask that contains Glycerin and Caprilic Triglyceride which repairs the skin from damage. Olive oil is a great and Apricot Kernel oil are great skin soothers as well as evening primrose.

7. Lastly, DON'T USE HARSH SCRUBS! Exfoliating is important but only when it's done properly. We tend to scrub too hard in delicate areas when we use scrubs thinking that we can remove more dirt.  The truth is, that we are breaking our capillary walls near our nose and on our chin when we do this. A safer and more gentle approach would be using a low percentage chemical exfoliant such as salicylic acid for acne prone skin and glycolic for aging, dry skin. Use these exfoliants once a week or once a month if you have sensitive skin.

Receiving a facial every 6-8 weeks during the winter months helps to hydrate the skin, keep it exfoliated and maintain a healthy pore size. 

A great facial to try at The Little Owl Spa is Power Pumpkin and Vit. C Facial. They both will brighten the skin by exfoliating with lactic acid or ascorbic acid and be equally hydrating. 

A product line that I highly recommend to use for ultra dry skin is by Paula's Choice called SKIN RECOVERY. You can purchase through The Little Owl Spa or on Paulaschoice.com and it is extremely affordable and effective in treating winter skin conditions.  You can purchase on www.PaulasChoice.com.

email Kiki@thelittleowlspa.com to book your next facial or request information on product purchasing.



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