What a Gem!

I just recently received samples from an all natural, organic and aromatic skin care line called, Gem Stone Organics. I was fascinated by them from the start because they claim to add gem stone essence to their products  adding the benefit of   gem stone healing to the skin. They were kind enough to  send me their Rose Quartz and Moonstone cremes. 

What I loved the most about this company was that they share very genuinely and clearly,  how much love and heart goes into making their products. You can tell by the packaging, the literature and the product itself that they are not lying. The creators are truly passionate about their product. They wish to send their love to each client via their skin.  For me, that makes or breaks a skin care line. I firmly believe that when we truly love our skin, it loves us back. I always advice clients that suffer from severe acne or something they truly dislike about their skin, to forgive their skin for it's current flaw and instead treat it extra lovingly. It sounds funny, but it works!  When we see something we dislike, we tend to look at it in anger, frustration and disappointment. We try to scrape it off, pick it off, burn it off and/or over wash it off.  This leaves the skin looking just like how we are feeling: angry. When we love our skin and treat it gently and give the intention of sending it love and understanding during moments where it's misbehaving, it responds back with calming down and looking less inflamed, irritated or broken out. The skin is merely a reflexion of what's happening on the inside. Not only physically  but emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  I believe truly sending out skin love and understanding is the first step to clearer, healthier and happier skin.

It was refreshing to see another company incorporate all aspects of the skin's well being. As it is not proven that gem stones affect the skin,  Their products are 100% organic and contain high quality essential oils and gem stone essences. For more information, visit http://www.gemstoneorganic.com.

Kiki PertesisComment