The Little Owl Spa


We are located at 214 Hooker Ave. in Poughkeepsie, NY. If you are heading east on Hooker Ave, we are on the right side next to an auto body shop called Doc Noc. Our building is white and we have a gray and white awning with the emblem of the little owl above. You can’t miss us!


Due to an increase in no-show and last minute cancellations, we are now holding credit card information at time of booking during in-person and online scheduling. Please understand that many of the employees travel from a distance to arrive on time, have planned for child care in advance or have not booked other clients in that time frame. We require a minimum of 24 hour cancellation so that we may notify the staff as well as reach out to clients that are on a waiting list to come in.  For your convenience, our scheduling system automatically sends out email confirmations as well as text confirmations when you opt in for this feature through your schedulicity account. If you haven’t done so already, please log on to your schedulicity account and add this feature to your account settings.

If we do not hear from you and you do not arrive for your scheduled appointment, 100% of the service cost will be charged to the account on file. We are compassionate and understanding to certain situations that may arise at last minute resulting in a missed appointment. Please contact us with as much notice as possible in these cases to avoid charges to your credit card. 

WINTER WEATHER CANCELLATIONS: In regards to cancellation due to inclement weather conditions, if the roads are unsafe in anyway there won’t be any charges or fees processed for the missed appointment.  However, please stay in touch with us as soon as possible so that we may organize the spa schedule for other clients and staff members that feel they are still able to arrive safely to their appointment. 

We appreciate your understanding and value your business. In order for the spa to continue to offer it’s services and space, policies such as this need to be in place.

Parking Details

There are 2 parking spots in the front of the shop available to you. Please be cautious not to park in the neighbors parking spot at the house next door. The light gray parking stops placed on driveway are there to distinguish our driveway from the neighbors. If you are unable to get a spot out front, there is alternate side parking available on the side street called PARKWOOD AVE directly across the street from the spa. Read signs on street for parking details.