Saging Purification

The lighting and burning of sage is known as smudging. This is an old ritual done historically by Native Americans and other spiritual cultures to cleanse the energy around the body and in the space. It is known to bring peace, wisdom and enlightenment.

ADD-ON $20


Healing Session

Enjoy a 30 minute healing session that incorporates a guided meditation, sage purification, healing crystals, singing bowls and energy work. This service is great on its own or as an add on. It is wonderful for all clients regarless of skin care or body work services. It brings balance, self-love, healing and joy to the body.

30 MINUTE •$60



Sage and Crystal Healing Session

Combining the ceremonious burning of sage with healing crystals increases relaxation, self-awareness, enlightenment and an overall sense of well-being and positivity. The massage therapist places healing stones on specific areas of the body to align one’s energy. Although extremely soothing, this is a powerful treatment that will leave you feeling brand new, revitalized and joyful.

ADD-ON $30



Increase circulation, improve pain management, flexibitly and muscle soreness with a 30 minute cupping session. Areas of the body are lightly suctioned into cups to increase blood flow, energy and healing to specific areas. Truly therapeutic!

30 MINUTE •$65



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